Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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Policy for Behavior and Discipline


We aim to create an environment where students:

  • Feel safe and secure

  • Respect and show consideration for each other

  • Respect their environment (Catechist, fellow students, & school property)

  • Have ownership of the code of conduct

  • Are aware of PREP’s expectations for their conduct, manners, and behavior

  • Develop a sense of self discipline and responsibility


Catechists/Co-Catechists and Catechist Aides provide positive role models by:

  • Valuing children as individuals

  • Developing the self esteem of children and each other

  • The manner in which we speak to children and each other

  • Listening and responding with sensitivity

  • Communicating our Catholic values and beliefs to each other, children, parents and the wider community

  • Ensuring we are welcoming to all children, adults and visitors

  • Developing consistent positive attitudes

  • Being fair in reprimanding poor conduct and praising good behavior

  • Holding students accountable for poor behavior and/or effort


Students in the program are expected to behave appropriately and respect their classmates, catechist, and themselves.  PREP classes provide an atmosphere of learning within a Christian setting. No hats are to be worn in the building, and there is no gum, candy or food allowed. Cell-phones should be turned off when the student enters the Middle School building. Ordinary discipline concerns will be handled by the classroom catechist. 

Circumstances may arise that a child needs to be removed from the class because:

  • The student would benefit significantly from an individual or smaller group setting.

  • The student’s behavior is seriously inhibiting the learning of others.

The Director will note students’ behavior and after a 2nd offense, or serious first offense, the parent/s will receive a phone call and will come with the child to meet with the Director.  A 3rd offense can mean dismissal from classes and the student will be taught at home.  We stand ready to help parents in this regard and such students are re-registered for classes the next academic year if all conditions listed upon leaving are met.

Please review the Code of Conduct with your children.