Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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No unauthorized visitors are permitted in the classrooms or building during class time.  In case of necessity, all visitors must report to the person in charge of the program, who can be found in the lobby.  If a child in grades 1- 8 is dismissed early (because of an emergency), the parent must come into the Resurrection Middle School lobby to sign out his/her child.

All Catechists and non-teaching volunteers wear lanyards with their name so that they are easily identifiable to parents/childminders and visitors.  Lanyards must be worn by PREP volunteers when they are in Resurrection MS or Resurrection Chapel. Lanyards are returned at the end of each session. Upon arrival, Catechists should also sign the sign-in book at the front lobby desk.

Catechists who are taking their class out of Resurrection MS building to church during class time must advise PREP staff in the front lobby by signing the sign-out book.  Catechists with students must use the main rear lobby doors only to exit and enter the building.

If you,the parent need to collect your child before dismissal time, please provide the front lobby receptionist a note when you arrive with your child stating the time you wish your child to be dismissed. Do not verbally tell the teacher or ask your child to inform the teacher.  These requests must be in writing.

Do not instruct your child to meet you outside or to come to the lobby at a specific time.  Once you have signed out your child at the front desk, a hall monitor or PREP staff member will go to the classroom to call your child. 

In the event of a relatively minor accident which occurs to a student while attending PREP classes, the Director or Program Assistant will be notified and will, in turn, notify the parent.  If a parent cannot be reached, the Director or Program Assistant will follow the instructions noted on the Student's Safety Form.  Please fill out and sign the Student Safety Form with this in mind.