Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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Arrival and Dismissal


Students and Parents enter/exit Resurrection Middle School Building via the rear lobby doors from parking lot or via the door facing Boston Post Road.

No admittance is permitted through the side door of Resurrection Middle School near the narrow driveway.

Arrival Procedure

All children are to arrive in the Resurrection Middle School building for class five minutes before the scheduled class time. The primary access to Resurrection Middle School is the Lobby entrance at the rear of the school building and the front door via Boston Post Road. Students and parents are forbidden to enter the side door adjacent to narrow driveway at Resurrection Middle School for safety reasons. Parents who are bringing children to or picking up children from class should park their cars behind the school – rear end parking only, in the Church parking lot or use the parking spaces behind Resurrection Chapel (where 2 year old program is located/former Methodist Church) accessible from Milton Road.

Children who have been assigned to classrooms in Resurrection Chapel should only gain access to the building via the wheelchair ramp to the building, which is visible from carpark.  Parents must ensure catechists are present before dropping children off.

After the 1st week, students from grades 3 to 8 may go directly to their classroom once their catechist’s name is placed on the magnetic board displayed in the lobby of Resurrection Middle School or Resurrection Chapel.  Parents of 1st and 2nd graders may escort their child/ren directly to their assigned classroom only when the catechist’s name has been displayed on the magnetic board.

No student is permitted to be in a classroom until the catechist is present. All students and parents must wait in the lobby area until the catechist name is placed on the magnetic board.  Students are not allowed in any part of the school building unattended.                      

Dismissal Procedure

Parents should arrive on time for dismissal.

No one is to exit from the side door due to the risk of danger from moving traffic.

Grades 1-5:  Parents must enter the school building to pick up their children.  No child is permitted to leave the school building unattended. Children in grades 1-2 are picked up in their classrooms by their parent or caregiver.  Children in grades 3-5 are released in the cafeteria of Resurrection Middle School.

Grades 6-8:   The students leave the building via the new doors in the lobby to the rear parking lot or via the doors facing Boston Post Road. While waiting for their children, parents of grades 6-8 are reminded to park their cars – rear end parking only.

In the event a student has to leave class early, the parent must enter the building, report to the front lobby desk to sign their child out. A Hall Monitor will then call the child from the classroom.  No student will be allowed to leave their classroom until a parent/guardian is present.

If it is necessary for an unescorted child to leave the building at dismissal time, a written note describing the circumstances and signed by the parents/guardian should be given to the Director before the class. Children should report to the Director in the unforeseen event of not being picked up. Please note that the Director, catechists and other members of the PREP staff will not drive children home.