Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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Code of Conduct


The Parish Religious Education Program is committed to providing a safe and pleasant atmosphere for students in order to further their education in the Catholic faith. 

As we begin a new school year, PREP would like to work cooperatively with the catechists, parents, and students, to ensure the success of the entire program for all involved.

Please review the following rules with your child/children:

Students are expected to:

  • Attend class on time, with their textbook and any other materials requested by the catechist.
  • Listen and cooperate with the catechist, non-teaching parent volunteers and PREP staff.
  • Respect the property of others in the classroom and throughout Resurrection School.
  • Turn off cell phones/electronic devices during class time. Keep in pocket at all times!
  • Refrain from wearing hats indoors during class time.
  • Refrain from name calling, teasing, hitting, inappropriate touching, running, or the throwing of anything on Resurrection property.

Consequences for poor behavior increase depending on the offense:

  • For the first incident, the catechist will issue a verbal warning. After that ...
  • Removal from class to visit PREP Director for consultation
  • Written warning/phone call from PREP Director to parent/s advising next offense may result in expulsion.
  • Chronic repetition of poor, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior can lead to expulsion and a home study program which requires a written examination of the curriculum to advance to next grade level.


Please keep in mind that the catechists are volunteers and dedicate their time and efforts to teaching your child/ren and are deserving of their respect.

Kindly read and review these guidelines with your child/ren.  Each PREP student will sign this code of conduct on the first day of class in the presence of their catechist.