Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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All candidates are required to attend a Confirmation Retreat. Dates and times are as follows: Sunday, November 7-11:15am-3:30pm, Sunday, December 5- 11:15am-3:30pm & Sunday, April 3-11:15am-3:30pm.  Dates will be assigned.

All Catholics have a lifelong obligation of love and service to God. As Catholics we believe that Sunday is a special day; it is the Lord’s Day. This day should be kept special – free from work and everyday business. It is a serious duty and an important responsibility for all Catholics, young and old, to assemble on Saturday evenings or Sundays to attend Mass. Regular Mass attendance is required for the Confirmation year. Mass attendance cards can be found at the entrance to church. Please bring them to the sacristy at the end of Mass. If you attend another church, please bring them to the sacristy, at Resurrection the following week.

3. CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY SERVICE: 20 HOURS SERVICE – due by the week of April 25th, 2022-online format for submission
We are no better as Catholics than when we are serving others. Therefore, students who are preparing for Confirmation will be required to complete 20 hours of community service. Five of these hours should be parish related. When choosing a community service opportunity ask yourself if this experience truly helps those in need. Examples of parish related community service are as follows:
1. POTS –Thanksgiving and Christmas events
2. Don Bosco service-afterschool program, read
3. PREP help-opportunities will be sent to you.
4. CARITAS Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen in Portchester-
5. Community clean-up projects
We will let you know of parish related community service opportunities through emails and the bulletin.

4. INVESTITURE CONTRACT – attend Investiture Mass on Sunday, September, 26@10:00am
The investiture contract has five points which parents and candidates must read and review together. The candidate signs the contract as an acceptance of their desire to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The contract will be distributed at the Confirmation Meeting.

5. CONFIRMATION NAME & SAINT REPORT – submit to class the week of October 24, 2021
Students will choose a Confirmation name as a sign of their growth in faith. The name must be the name of a Saint, or a variation of that name. Students research and prepare a single page report, typed and double-spaced on the Saint whose name they have chosen, detailing information on that Saint, explaining why they chose his/her name, and including how, by imitating the qualities of this Saint, they can be a better Christian.

6. CANDIDATE’S LETTER TO MONSIGNOR DWYER – due in class the week of January 10, 2022.
Each candidate is required to type a letter to Monsignor Dwyer, stating their desire to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The letter should include reasons why they would like to be confirmed, how they have prepared for the sacrament, why they feel they are ready, and how they will continue to carry out their faith and make it real and alive in the future. Please email to

Each candidate will select a sponsor that will present him/her to the Bishop on the day of their Confirmation, and will then commit to the responsibility of helping his/her candidate continue to fulfill the obligations and teachings of the Catholic faith. The sponsor for any candidate may be male or female, be at least 16 years of age, belong to the Catholic Church, and has received the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. Sponsors must write a letter to Monsignor Dwyer, accepting this most important role and stating why they would make a good sponsor. Letters are due by February 7. This letter should be emailed to Monsignor Dwyer at

Monday, May 23, 2022 from 7:00pm-8:00pm in the Main Church
PREP and Private Catholic School Students take the test in the Main Church from 7pm to 8pm. Arrival time for the test is 6:50pm. Students should bring two No. 2 pencils. This test is taken by Resurrection Middle School candidates during the school day. The study guide will be distributed in class.

10.CONFIRMATION DAY – Sunday June 5, 2022 – Bishop Whalen will preside.
GROUP A @ 12:30pm, GROUP B @ 3:00pm