Resurrection Parish Religious Education Program PREP

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All Catholics have a lifelong obligation of love and service to God. As Catholics we believe that Sunday is a special day; it is the Lord’s Day. This day should be kept special – free from work and everyday business.  It is a serious duty and an important responsibility for all Catholics, young and old, to assemble on Saturday evenings or Sundays to attend Mass.

All candidates for Confirmation are required to attend Mass every week.

The recording of  Mass Attendance is ongoing up to the date of the Confirmation

Mass Attendance Cards are provided to all Confirmation candidates and will be used to record Mass attendance. These records are closely monitored. Each candidate must give their card to the priest at the conclusion of Mass at Resurrection.  Cards shold not be handed to an usher or a sacristan, or placed it the collection basket or sacristy. 

If the candidate attends Mass at another Catholic Church, due to travel/vacations:

  • The priest should be asked to sign the Mass attendance card or the parish bulletin
  • The candidates name needs to be on the card or bulletin for credit
  • The card/bulletin must be submitted to Resurrection rectory during the summer or the PREP office dureing the school year. 
  • All Mass attendance record should be submitted in a timely manner

In the event of illness during the school year, please email and we will notify the person who records Mass attendance at the rectory.

If a candidate’s Mass attendance is low, deferment from the Sacrament of Confirmation may occur.